God’s Master Plan


God’s Master Plan Seminar Series

1396 McKenzie Ave, Victoria, BC V8P 2M3, Canada

This may seem like a foolish question – but many people in the world today feel that the earth and its people are heading nowhere. Some will tell us that planet earth is heading for total and utter destruction. But God has other plans. The Bible is a book about the earth – it starts with the story of the creation of the earth, it continues to describe the lives of men and women on the earth and concludes with a future vision of the earth. It therefore seems logical that God’s Master Plan should focus on the earth. God does have a plan for the earth – He did not create the earth for it to be destroyed. The Bible says, “For this is what the LORD says – He who created the heavens, He is God, He who fashioned and made the earth; He founded it; He did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited.” (Isaiah 45:18)

WHEN: The series will run 4 Sunday Nights – November 6, 13, 20, 27 from 7-8:30pm and then refreshments will be served. For those attending we will provide a Free Bible and GMP workbook and pen and pencil. We will be serving Coffee and Refreshments during the seminar. And there is no cost and no collection will be taken. The seminar will be classroom style and we typically have 20-30 people in attendance from all walks of life. Bring a friend!

Victoria Christadelphian Hall – 1396 McKenzie Ave, Victoria

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LESSON ONE: First, we will establish what the plan is that God has for the earth and the people living on it. We will then explain in more detail exactly what this Master Plan means and how it involves you and me.

LESSON TWO: This lesson deals with God’s method of realising the Master Plan. God has revealed His plan to men of faith through some special promises. We begin by looking at two of these special promises made to Abraham and David, then focus on the subject of these promises, Jesus Christ and God’s future kingdom. This lesson concludes by explaining how the promises, Jesus Christ and the kingdom provide the solution to the realisation of God’s Master Plan.

LESSON THREE: First, we will consider how sin entered the world, and then the effect this had on mankind. Next we will look at the destiny of sinful man. Finally we will see how it is possible for man to escape this destiny through God’s Master Plan.

LESSON FOUR: In the previous section we concentrated on the effect that sin has on our bodies, but now we need to understand more clearly the mind behind this sin. This is important, because the state of our minds now, will determine the nature of our minds and bodies in the future. As an introduction then, we will look at who the sinners are that are prevented from participating in God’s Master Plan. Then we will look at what sin is, where it comes from, and what causes it. Finally we will consider what the devil and Satan have to do with this subject, and how they can be overcome.

LESSON FIVE: This lesson is concerned with the Key to God’s Master Plan. We will start by going back to the Promises we looked at in Lesson 2. We will see a special seed is promised right from the beginning. We will learn that Jesus Christ is that special seed and he is the solution to the problem. The Old Testament is full of types that point forward to him and his sacrifice. We will see why Jesus had to have God as his Father and Mary (a human) as his mother. Finally we will look at why Jesus had to die and what it means to us.

LESSON SIX: We will start this lesson by identifying who the Master Planner really is. We will find out more about His nature and even His name. We will look at how the planner has become a Father and how His power helps make sure the plan is realised.

LESSON SEVEN: First, we will consider belief and repentance, the first two steps in our journey to baptism. Next, we look at what the Bible teaches about baptism and what it means for you.

LESSON EIGHT: A life in Christ means that our whole mind set should be changed to be like that of the Lord Jesus Christ. “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5). God gave us laws and statutes to follow in the Old Testament and mankind has found them impossible to follow. Now He has given us an example of a perfect life in His Son Jesus. A life in Christ means to be like Christ in our life.